Trace of Desolation

Trace of Desolation reflects on the physical and psychological traumas of human trafficking and the resulting cycle of brokenness and rebuilding. 
    Mannequins remind me of empty shells; I use them to evoke the sense of vacancy that victims often feel. The mannequin becomes a vessel for their stories— stories that remain, for the most part, silent, internalized and untold. 

    Through the process of breaking, burning, cutting and tearing, I try to expose both the seen and unseen realities of trauma. The fragmentation and reconstruction of the mannequins speak to the complex fragility and resilience of those forced into situations where they are repeatedly broken, but continue to survive. 
    The various layers, wounds, abscesses and abrasions create a visual and textural topography of a victim's physical and emotional journey. Elusive, trace-like qualities of erasure, created by repeated destruction and reconstruction, imply the ephemeral memories of many trauma victims, while the glue that builds the skin and connects the many layers of paper symbolizes the mending process of individual and collective brokenness.

Dimensions of Space: 5'6" x 9'3" x 9'7½"

Medium: Installation