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  New Work

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Medium: Collage Installation (Solvent Transfer and Prismacolor) on Mylar

Dimensions: 106”x60”

In this work, the idea of constant search is traced through the diffused contours of the overlapping Mylar layers. I am compelled by multilayered work, because to me, each stratum indicates a shifting sense of self. The transparency of the Mylar communicates the intricacies of duality and about spaces of belonging—with imagery sometimes visible, sometimes masked. 

As different identities journey through this landscape, they’re modified and transformed through intersections of architectural boundaries. These boundaries are drawings that are repeatedly lost and found and lost again, creating an in-between space as a potential place of liberation.


When my family immigrated to America, we struggled to assimilate to our new home. The strain of understanding where I belonged at the age of nine was overwhelming. Even today, when I visit family in India, I feel much more Indian than I do American; I return to America only to find the dominance of those identities reversed. 

Convergence, the work itself, is a yearning for a sense of identity, home, and community. By piecing together a landscape of fragmented memories, Convergence tells a story about the formation of identity as it is tied to my experiences of migration.

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